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What to expect when expecting

May 11, 2023

Emma was a Wintson/Sheila puppy, a button! Heidi is very responsive to any questions and always keeps us updated! Our puppy has been healthy so far and has been a great addition to our house. Seamless process and lots of communication! It was wonderful to meet mom and the rest of the puppies! Heidi gave us a puppy blanket and toy with her gift basket, a first for us! We are having another!

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Easiest puppyhood experience we’ve had!

March 23, 2023

We’ve had golden retrievers, and have one now, but have never had a Springer, nor more than one dog at a time before. I was hoping for a smaller companion dog with less shedding to add to our family, and when I found Little Flower Springers and read that they breed for a mellow temperament, my curiosity piqued. I continued to see examples of Heidi’s beautiful dogs and well mannered puppies. Heidi answered all of my questions and helped us choose the perfect puppy for us, a tricolored male out of Winston and Holly. We brought Basil home while we had several days off of work, which was a fabulous way to help us all adjust. Basil was used to using a doggy door, and was quick to associate sitting at the back door to tell us he needed to relieve himself. He is incredibly observant, alert to all that is going on, picks up on training cues quickly, is ever so loving, sweet, playful yet calms easily, and the most perfect snugglebug. At almost 5 months, he is potty trained and walking loosely on leash. He welcomes his bedtime treat in his crate and settles for the night. He makes the funniest noises while playing with toys and loves to sit while offering a paw when greeting us. He has been more cautious when seeing new people and dogs, but with a little encouragement, his confidence has grown tremendously. He loves getting his teeth brushed and having his ears cleaned, and with gentle introductions, has gotten used to nail clipping, baths, the hair dryer, and even getting his fur trimmed with electric clippers. He settles easily in the car as well. He still doesn’t care for the vacuum, but has begun showing curiosity instead of running from it. He adores his older golden retriever brother. And though for awhile we thought his playtime barking would never quiet down, he learned that too much loud exuberance earned time in the playpen away from his furry big brother. He’s still learning that being separated or walking separately from his furry brother isn’t the end of the world. He’s not perfect, but he is continuing to make progress, and has progressed so much already. We could not have asked for a better puppyhood experience. Thank you Heidi!

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Katrina Restivo

The Best Puppy I Have Ever Raised

March 22, 2023

I have owned Springers all my life, usually two at a time. When I lost my last one at a very old age, I began my search for another puppy. I found Little Flower English Springer Spaniels and loved the look of them. Then when I read that Heidi breeds especially for mellow temperament, I was interested. I saw Brinkley from a picture and immediately knew he was my next Springer. He is five months old now, and the finest puppy – by far – that I’ve ever known. He’s ultra-smart, easy-going, learns with little teaching, sensitive, eager-to-please, and sooooo loving. He retrieves perfectly, again with almost no coaching, bringing the ball back and dropping it at my feet. He loves all his toys but doesn’t try to chew them up or remove the squeaker, just enjoys them. He’s cute and curious and sticks close on our nature hikes without a leash. These sensitive dogs would work well for any family, except people who believe in harsh treatment. If I decide to get another Springer to add to my family, I will head straight for Little Flower.

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Robin Ryan

Matters of the Heart

September 12, 2022

In matters of the heart, there can be no short-cuts, compromises, or questions. This was to be my 5th Springer and likely, my last: a Bench Bred English Springer Spaniel Black and White Female. The only other Bench Bred Springer I’d had, died in my arms at 3 years and 100 days — matters of the heart. In selecting a breeder, one of the questions has to be “Would I trust this person with my heart?” Because that’s what you’re doing.

My experience with Heidi and Little Flower breezed through those considerations quickly and comfortably. I knew I was at the right place. Her detailed approach includes “The Little Flower Springer Manual” a primary resource for new puppy owners but a useful tool for all puppy owners, birth, health, and microchip records, and it also includes toys and blankets with the mother’s scent — matters of the heart.

If you’re seeking award winning bloodlines and unmatched physical beauty in your dog, Little Flower is for you. My pup, Maybelline, came from the Clara/Cash liter of June 17, 2022. I’ve never seen more perfect markings; her temperament is courageous and adventurous, yet eager to learn and please. I live in Nebraska but Heidi’s affiliation with an equally passionate courier made that distance irrelevant and ensured Maybelline’s trip to Denver was simpatico with her time at Little Flower. She arrived happy, healthy, and eager.

One can’t afford to gamble in matters of the heart and with Heidi and Little Flower, you don’t have to. With my thanks and gratitude, I give them my highest recommendation.

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Douglas Horn


September 10, 2022

We lost our precious Springer, Cookie this last May. I could not stand to come home and not be greeted. Cookie had gone everywhere with me, so I had lost my walking buddy, my therapist, my “child.”

So, we decided to take the plunge and get a puppy. We found Little Flower Springers on the internet, and that weren’t too awfully far from us. We got to meet Roz when she was only a day old! Heidi made sure that we had a healthy and happy puppy to bring into our home. She makes me smile all the time, not to mention sushi absolutely gorgeous! If we were not currently renting we would have brought home one of her brothers as well!

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Neydie Kingan
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